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The art and craft essentially represent the culture of the country and they enact an important role in its heritage. Indian art and craft have a long and vast history. 

Curious and observant Sneha, a graduate in visual arts, couldn’t withhold her interest for long in these forms and started her design studio where she can express through weaves, colors, patterns, and silhouettes. After all, this ingenious heritage deserves all the attention.

Sneha designs clothes keeping in mind the Indian traditional textiles. Her imagination is transformed into reality by the artisans, majorly the local ones, who fabricates the clothes as per the design. There are many other good reasons for using the traditional fabric, but most important is her life long obsession and curiosity about these homegrown fabrics. Noteworthy enough, these fabrics are designed and composed locally and thus it employs local artisans. Plus there is nothing more beautiful than a completely handmade product. Completely handmade! 

At our studio, we celebrate the beauty of colors. It is fascinating how they complement each other and bring out the beauty in life. We do not believe in following any trends. We are a trend! We have a modern take on the age-old traditions. Though we are trying to use completely handmade fabrics, we face some limitations while fabricating these designs and when there is no other option left, we use artificial machine-made fabric rarely. With the right resources and establishment, we are trying not to use any artificial raw material in our products.

Our small motto is encouraging and prospering our art and craft heritage. Indian art and craft is the most precious gift we have got. We must sustain these practices, use them in our day to day life, preserve them and pass it on to the next generation. This studio attempts to leap forward in that direction.

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