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India has 95% of world’s handwoven fabric. Heritage handlooms have 2000 year old history. There are so many varieties of handloom fabrics which are made in India. 
Each part has it’s own special handloom which is produced locally on looms. In India,the handloom sector employs a large number of people and it is the second largest sector after the agricultural sector.It is necessary that we sustain this rich heritage.


Block printing is a centuries old tradition in India. This is a slow process of printing but capable of yieldingΒ highly artistic results. We are always drawn by the roots and hence,we like to use traditional block printed fabric.
This tradition of handblock printing is passed from one generation to other.Β Some small workshops and villages in India are still keeping this tradition of block printing alive and we areΒ so much thankful.

Customer Photo Diaries


Very Good Quality Dress. The size is the same, good staff, ready to solve all the issues, arranged delivery to Russia!
Daria Marussia,
Pink Striped Ruffled Lace Dress A sundress of extraordinary beauty, delicate feminine, sewn to the figure. I am very happy, thank you!
Daria Marussia,
I am very much satisfied with the dress material. The fabric is so soft. Fitting is too good. Perfect fitting would definitely look good on anyone. Loved purchasing it.
Sangeeta Borah.
Assam, India.
I had an amazing experince with Sneha Arjun Studio. After searching for tones of websites and stores, I found this beautiful design studio called snehaarjunstudio. I get what I exactly want here fashion, comfort, perfect fit and yet it is sustainable. It has everything that can suit your dailywear, casuals and formals. I got my custom dress in 3-4 days and I cannot resist to wear it on the same day. It is so beautiful, amazing fabric and comfortable stitching. I would like to rate 10 on 10, if I'm asked to. Service and response is unbelievable. Thank you Sneha for making my wardrobe more lavish. Cannot wait to order again!
Hardik Sangani
Gujarat, India.
Loved the dress, fabric quality, design and fitting is superb, highly recommend purchasing from here. Delivery and co-operation from the studio is prompt. Will surely purchase again.
Nivedita Kumari
Chennai, India.
Fabric is very good. Dress is very elegant and comfortable, worth for price. In all - Superb dress, really like it. Thank You
Sneha Prabhulkar

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